Software We Recommend

WinDev, WebDev, and WinDev Mobile. For sure we recommend these software development platforms as we teach these products in person, online, and at WxDevCon Conferences. Without a doubt you can increase your productivity greatly.

Microsoft Access. While we wouldn't necessarily recommend Access for application development, it is a great tool for data manipulation.

QuickBooks Connect. A great tool to integrate QuickBooks into your custom developed applications written in WinDev or Clarion. Bob Roos has taken the time to explore and leverage the integration of QuickBook. 


QuickBooks Connect introduces a unique way to connect and extract data from QuickBooks. In the same way Clarion uses templates to generate prewritten and tested code within your application, QuickBooks Connect uses their ‘Helper’ program to generate code to the clipboard. All you have to do is select the module you want to work with, pick the appropriate tab (Add, Modify or Query), choose a few options, hit ‘Generate’. The code is automatically generated and can be pasted into your application.


If you require a connection to and from Quick Books from within your Clarion program, and do not want to spend hours trying to understand the complexities of how Quick Books works, then this really is the solution for you. Also do check out the included tutorials as they provide a very clear insight into just how easy this product is to use


".....Holy Crap, Marie! I'm now two hours into the training and the knowledge blanks that have been filled in are amazing." - Dave Schwartz

"Just spent a wonderful 4 days in West Palm beach with Glenn Rathke learning the in's and out's of WinDev.  His knowledge of the product and programming is unsurpassed.  Was able to learn more than the basics in 3 days, ask questions and explore specific issues ..." - Kevin Perryman

... "I have really enjoyed the RAD pattern capabilities. I have added my own windows and functions and then built new apps based off that and it is just fantastic to me how much coding (your own coding) can be done for you at the click of a button" - William Cook

“After 30 years of programming changing languages can be tough, in my conversion to using Windev and its products Glenn was invaluable as a resource and training mentor to make the transition possible as well as enjoyable.” Andy Stapleton / Cowboy Computing Solutions

"Thank you for the Video Streams . . . They are Great!!

The Video Stream discussion really brings to life the printed training material And the Q&A answered many of the questions that I had. This has taken MONTHS off of my learning curve!" - Jose Maldonado

Business Analyst (to one of the largest Medical Health Insurance Companies in the US)

"We've had the RAD Patterns for 6 days now. Thanks for making us more productive." - Gonzalo Martinez Garcia

“Glenn’s training materials were key to my success in getting started with WinDev & WebDev.  I highly recommend using them as a WXdev beginner and as a seasoned programmer.  His examples show great techniques using the product.” 


Robert Willis,


Blackwrist Gaming Solutions

“Glenn is very knowledgeable and experienced with WX, his training is efficient and effective. He crafted the training to meet our needs, made samples to assist us, and provided clear explanations.” Mark Robbins / University IT Director

“I especially like the practical knowledge of the instructor and informal interchange among the participants, depth of the examples” John Rae

"The real bonus of Glenn's training is the really cool and practical code in his many example apps!" Arnold Young