WxTraining and Soft Design Consulting are proud to present the following resources to the general WX community. We have personally worked with each of them either on projects or in training serssions and they come with our highest reccomendations.


As a leader in the training and consulting business we also offer our services for helping you develop your applications. Whether it be a complete project from start to finish, or helping in those areas where our expertise is needed. We can help.


While we specialize in training, both through the internet and onsite, we have done many years of skills transfer. We can help get you up to speed.  A good starting point is for someone to use our training materials and then ask for assistance in using those real world examples in their own projects.


Our new RAD Patterns are a perfect place for someone to get a head start on their development efforts.  They let you generate applications with the most requested functionality based on your own data analysis.  See our RAD Patterns page for more information.

Andy Stapleton, Pete Halsted, and Glenn Rathke have teamed up to offer PCSoft products in the US.   


We have all been using WX exclusively for many years, and have decided to direct our efforts to growing the community.

An open source ERP written in WX.


Think of it as a "template or a starting point" that lets you design your own ERP, using WX technology. It includes an extensive relational database model and source code - in WX language - to implement the business processes of a modern ERP.


Since WX technology itself is not "open source", the alpha360 project is not a true "open source" application. You will have to purchase a license for WinDev 21, to make full use of it. Other than that, the data model, the code and the ideas published here are free for anybody to use, in whatever way he or she likes.


 Why WX and not Java or C# ?


Our decision to use WX, is not an economical decision - it is a technology decision. It is one of the most complete development environments for designing, coding and delivering database applications.


Andy has been developing SQL based systems for small to large companies for 27+ years, Specializing in Client/server technologies since 1992. He has developed systems in Insurance, Auto, Finance as well as consulting in many other fields of endeavors, has trained in Client/Server using Oracle,Sybase,MSSQL in countries around the world such as Austrailia and South America, extensive experience as CTO, lead programmer and mentoring hundreds of programmers over the years in DBA skills.
Developer of DBALunchbox www.dbaMonster.com and currently developing products using state of the art tools such as WD, WM for both desktop and mobile programming. Andy has been in the forefront of development and teaching in Developers conferences as well as online for years, currently has gathered several high level developers with access to over 100 developers in WX tools to provide robust business solutions in all phases of development, Windows / Web / Mobile.

Pete Halsted has been developing custom business management applications for small to medium-sized companies, since 1987. His focus is on client/server, distributed and cloud based development utilizing WinDev, WebDev, and PostgreSQL. Pete is a Clarion Certified Developer with 25 years in the industry, has spoken at several Developers conferences, and provided Developer training and mentoring on a one on one basis. He has served companies both large and small as Project Manager, Lead Architect, Lead Developer and Chief Technology Officer. Pete is currently living the beach life in Biloxi, MS with his wife and dog, enjoying the freedom provided by cloud based technologies. Pete is available for Project Management, Custom Design, Development, Training, and Speaking assignments. For more information please visit www.thenextage.com or follow his blog at www.thenextage.com/wordpress

Fabrice Harari has been developing software since 1984. Fabrice has worked on completely horizontal systems like accounting, payroll and CRM but also on highly specialized custom applications like a video game engine, statistical calculations on horse races, cardiac signal analysis or resale of second hand electronic components. He has used tools from assembly language to high level development systems like WinDev, WebDev and WinDev Mobile. His customers are ranging from the one man shop to multinationals companies. All that, and his 30 years of experience allows him to offer any kind of services around software development, web and mobile included. Fabrice started using WinDev around 1993 (version 1.5) and WebDev and Mobile as soon as they became available. He is recognized in the 'WX' world as one of the leading experts on the subject and is a constant presence on the main forums (English and French). In 2001, while he was leading his French company AxlInfo, he was the co-author of the first book ever published on WinDev ("Le guide du développeur WinDev"), one of the founding member of the first association of WinDev developers (WinDevAsso) and its first president. Currently with his American company DataTale LLC, and even after 20 years of using them, Fabrice continues to love PCSoft tools and helps his customers on 6 of the 7 continents, either remotely or on site. Still heavily involved in the community, his latest initiative, WXShowroom.com, creates a business opportunities exchange for all 'WX' companies. Whether you need him to reinforce your team or to manage one for you, Fabrice can help on subjects as varied as writing your requirement list, managing the whole development cycle, debug your code and train you in the process, or anything else in the middle. For more information, free sources, or access to his series of video-courses, visit www.fabriceharari.com or contact him directly on Skype (fabriceharari), via email (fabrice@fabriceharari.com), or phone (+1 985 746 1422/+33 970 444 445). He's in UTC-4, most of the time.


".....Holy Crap, Marie! I'm now two hours into the training and the knowledge blanks that have been filled in are amazing." - Dave Schwartz

"Just spent a wonderful 4 days in West Palm beach with Glenn Rathke learning the in's and out's of WinDev.  His knowledge of the product and programming is unsurpassed.  Was able to learn more than the basics in 3 days, ask questions and explore specific issues ..." - Kevin Perryman

... "I have really enjoyed the RAD pattern capabilities. I have added my own windows and functions and then built new apps based off that and it is just fantastic to me how much coding (your own coding) can be done for you at the click of a button" - William Cook

“After 30 years of programming changing languages can be tough, in my conversion to using Windev and its products Glenn was invaluable as a resource and training mentor to make the transition possible as well as enjoyable.” Andy Stapleton / Cowboy Computing Solutions

"Thank you for the Video Streams . . . They are Great!!

The Video Stream discussion really brings to life the printed training material And the Q&A answered many of the questions that I had. This has taken MONTHS off of my learning curve!" - Jose Maldonado

Business Analyst (to one of the largest Medical Health Insurance Companies in the US)

"We've had the RAD Patterns for 6 days now. Thanks for making us more productive." - Gonzalo Martinez Garcia

“Glenn’s training materials were key to my success in getting started with WinDev & WebDev.  I highly recommend using them as a WXdev beginner and as a seasoned programmer.  His examples show great techniques using the product.” 


Robert Willis,


Blackwrist Gaming Solutions

“Glenn is very knowledgeable and experienced with WX, his training is efficient and effective. He crafted the training to meet our needs, made samples to assist us, and provided clear explanations.” Mark Robbins / University IT Director

“I especially like the practical knowledge of the instructor and informal interchange among the participants, depth of the examples” John Rae

"The real bonus of Glenn's training is the really cool and practical code in his many example apps!" Arnold Young